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Anytime a law enforcement agency opens an investigation into your conduct, there is cause for concern. When the conduct being investigated could be a violation of a federal criminal statute, the full resources of the United States is available to pursue the prosecution aimed at convicting and punishing you. Having a criminal defense attorney with an intimate knowledge of the federal laws, federal rules of evidence and the workings of the federal courts can mean the difference between your continued freedom and a conviction.

Importance Of A Defense Attorney

Federal criminal laws tend to be complex, so the investigations into allegations of wrongdoing can last for months before formal charges are filed. Bringing a defense attorney into a case as early in the investigative process as possible allows for the development of a defense strategy that might avoid formal charges. Even if charges cannot be avoided, the assistance of an attorney might result in charges and penalties that are less severe than might have otherwise been filed.

Broad Jurisdiction Of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

The jurisdiction of federal law enforcement agencies is nationwide and covers a vast array of activities that could be violations of federal statutes. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has widened the scope of the crimes it now investigates because of the emphasis this country now places on homeland security. Other federal enforcement agencies that a person might be forced to have contact with and that could result in criminal charges include:


When Do You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Paul Neuharth Jr. has been recognized for his knowledge and skills as a federal criminal defense attorney. His experience in providing an aggressive and focused defense includes violations of the following federal laws:


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