Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney In San Diego

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime in Greater San Diego or a federal crime anywhere in the US,  an experienced  criminal defense attorney can make a crucial difference in the outcome of your case.  A criminal conviction can affect every aspect of your life from your relationships to your job prospects, and having capable legal representation can help you save your future. At the offices of Paul Neuharth Jr we believe that aggressive legal representation and decades of experience in handling criminal  and administrative matters makes us the right choice for the most complex criminal and DUI defense cases.  Call us today, and find out why even judges and prosecutors hire and recommend us.


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My calls are always answered immediately and all answers are very clear.

- DUI Defense Client

He always returned his phone calls and kept in touch with me.. My cases results we very good, and I was happy that I hired him.

- Criminal Defense Client




About Paul Neuharth, Jr.

 Paul Neuharth has been practicing criminal and administrative law exclusively for 28 years. Considered a top State, Federal Criminal defense and DUI attorney in San Diego, Mr. Neuharth has worked his way through College and Law School as a California State Law Enforcement Officer for almost 7 years.  As an award winning trial attorney, he zealously fights for the best possible outcome for every client - regardless of the criminal charges. He has been recognized as a leading DUI and criminal defense lawyer in greater San Diego, by the legal community.

Published Cases

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Arthur v. DMV, 184 Cal.App.4th 1199 -DUI Case

Court interpreted failure to provide official indica of DUI Roadblock as merely a failure to give advance publicity.

Gikas v. Zolin, 6 Cal.4th 841 - DUI Case 

No Collateral Estoppel found by the court granting a 1538.5 on a DUI case. It does not bind the DMV.


Attorney Endorsements

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Few attorneys have done for their clients what Mr. Neuharth has accomplished for his.

- George Mueller, DUI Attorney

He is also a fantastic mentor in our criminal defense attorney community.

- Cassandra Hearn, Criminal Defense Attorney

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